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Paul Michael Angell – Director


Stan & Paul at RAM

If you have been involved with RAM or know Stan we’d love to hear from you. We regularly discuss issues relating to RAM and highlight Stan’s incredible achievements over on Facebook and Twitter.




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  1. Stan Brock is a legend in his own time. I watched Stan on the TV in a few different shows Wild Kingdom was my favorite when I was a very young man and his adventures really made me think outside the box. There are only a handful of TV shows in the 1960′s and 1970′s that were worth watching and Wild Kingdom was one of them. I really like what Stan Brock has done with his time and money I believe that if there were more famous or rich people spreading their wealth around to people in need the world would be a better place, there is nothing worst then real honest need and not being able to get it either because of cost or location or a general lack of having the capability to obtain it either way. I believe I can say that Stan has lived a dream and has found a new way for Americans and the people of the planet to understand that “We Are Our Brothers Keeper” and unless people are compassionate toward one another we will alway need big government and insurance companies. What Stan Brock does is to show the light at the end of the tunnel as far people helping one another and how it can be done on large scale clinics for people who have no means of providing themselves with at least an annual check up and any other prosthetic or eyewear. I was a 64 Charlie in the US Army in the very early 70′s my job was to wait for the aircraft to come over parachute down the tent
    Generator and Air Conditioning along with all the other medical equipment and supplies and our team would set it up and and I was in charge of the generator and air conditioning unit the last of the 71st Evac. Unit. They would stitch them up get the wounded stable and chopper them out to the 45th Surgical. It was the best time of my life to be involved in such a Team Unit like honey bees all with the same task in mind. I know the feeling of the adrenaline rush it is on such a large scale task. GO RAM !

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